söndag 3 juli 2011

Vanda testacea

First flower open, not the best picture. This species is probably the smallest in the Vanda family. It is just 1-1,5cm. This time I have moved it so that the ants can pollinate it.

Have my Vanda coerulea f. delicata become an alba???
No, I took some pollen two days ago.

I just love the bensonii.
The tricolor has opened the flowers on one spike.

Did some pollinating yesterday, hope that some will result in small plants in the future.
Ascocentrum curvifolium f. luteum x self
Ascocentrum curvifolium x self
Rhynchostylis coelestis f. alba x self
Vanda coeruleaf. delicata 'Jo Ti' x 'Johanna'
Vanda Tristar Blue x self
Ascocenda Princess Mikassa "white" x self
Vanda Arjuna x self

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