fredag 15 juli 2011


Phuuu, spent all day yesterday disinfecting the green house and cutting plants. All in all over 60 plants effected.

Here's how it looks when a Vanda root is infecterad with Fusarium. These pictures are the most affected plants. But I had plants with only one infected root where the fungus had traveled in to and up the steam. if you scratch/cut the root it will be red/brown instead of green.

You have to cut the steam until the cutting surface is pure green/yellow. Not showing any red or purple at the edges. See, "Cutting a Vanda" below to see what a clean cut looks like.

I lost some very good plants, but what can one do. Just go on doing what you like the most. Many thanks to Dr. Martin Motes for your help and information.

Waiting for a fungicide that can keep this fungus to a minimum.

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cathy sa...

Just wondering what fungicide you are going to use?

Tommy Ljunggren sa...

Hi Cathy

I am trying to get Cleary's 3336.

cathy sa...

Tommy, If you can't find the Cleary's look for Banrot (Truban + Cleary's 3336). You can mix it with
Have you seen this?

Look for ..Vanda with Fusarium.

Good Luck...I know it is heartbreaking.


Tommy Ljunggren sa...

Thanks Cathy