onsdag 13 juli 2011

A disaster day

Today I nearly started to cry. I read a new book written by PhD Martin Motes about growing Vandas in Florida. There was a chapter with different pests and diseases. The was a picture of how a Vanda root infected with Fusarium looked. This looks familiar.

I started cutting some plants with roots looking like the picture in the book and the cuttings was discolored. So I ordered a fungucid the should help and it is coming next week. So today I have taken out all the plants on one side of the greenhouse. Going through plant by plant cutting all that looked suspicious. Then clean an disinfect the greenhouse. Tomorrow I have to do the same thing with the other side. It looks like 10 plants infected with Rhizoctonia and over 40 plants infected with Fusarium. Phuuu

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PreSam sa...

Hi Tommy, Dr. Motes had visited my house when he visited India and informed me that at least 75% of my plants were diseased with Fusarium. I had to wait for the monsoons to start as some of the plants had the disease running high up in the stem where there were no roots. I have eliminated diseased portions along with the black cups they were growing in and I'm seeing progress with new roots coming up. Sadly, I didn't know earlier when the leaves were dropping off that it was due to Fusarium. I lost a V. Pakchong Blue and am on the verge of losing my A. John de Biase to Fusarium. Wish you all the luck with yours.

Tommy Ljunggren sa...

Many thanks for your support!

The result, 15 plants in the garbage can. And about 50 that I have cut of the steam. I am getting a fungicide next week that Dr. Motes recommended. Now I only have to get a mask and gloves for the spraying.

cathy sa...

I worry constantly. I have many imported Thai plants. I've read that there is a super-strain of Fusarium running among the many growers that regularly export.