torsdag 30 juni 2011

Coming attractions

Rhynchostylis coelestis. The wait is over!
This is an old plant that I have been waiting for a long time. This year I have given it a lot of light and it responded well. :-)
My Vanda tricolor is a faithful bloomer this time of the year.
A Neofinetia falcata flowering for the first time. It looks promising.

My best Vanda Golamco's Blue Magic is coming again. Me like!

måndag 27 juni 2011

Vanda bensonii

I am so happy!
Finaly my bensonii is in flower. This is a mature plant that I have had for some years now.

Another one that is soon in full flower is Renanthera monachica that flowers at this time every year.

My other Vanda coerulea f. delicata from Kultana Orchids is flowering for the first time.

Next week The Vanda testacea opens its first flower. This time I am going to move it from the greenhouse so that the ants can't pollinate it.

lördag 18 juni 2011

New spikes

Many plants are spiking right now. Here is Renanthera monachica with two branching spikes.

Vanda testacea, has maybe the smallest flowers of all Vandas, 1-1,5cm.
I have some ants in my greenhouse that pollinates this plant as soon as the flowers have opened. Leaving me each flower for a week or so before it starts turning in to a pod.

Here is a better picture of Vanda Arjuna from yesterday. Not so many flowers this time.

How do one get good pictures of white flowers???? I have tried to photograph this one, Rhynchostylis coelestis f. alba, for a long time. But all pictures turn out without sharpness.
Tips please!

fredag 17 juni 2011

Renanetia Sunrise and Vanda Arjuna

This is the plant that flowers the most form me. It's a Renanetia Sunrise 'Prasong'. It is a cross of Neofinetia falcata x Renanthera imschootiana. I got the plant in 2004 as a small plant with 8 leaves. Today the main plant is 40cm high and it got 9 keiki.
Now the main plant and 3 keiki are spiking.
This juvel flowers five or six times a year and are almost always i flower!!

This is Vanda Arjuna. A cross of Mimi Palmer and tessellata, so a lot of tesselata in it giving it a spicy sent. Mmmmm! (A better picture will come)

One of my favorite summer flowers, Ascocentrum curvifolium. Often flowering two or three time in a row. This plant now has about ten or mere keiki so it will be an even better display in the years to come.

Finaly my small Vanda coerulea f. delicata has opened it's flowers. Not so big yet but the color is fantastic! :-)

Some Phalaenopsis to round this post up.

torsdag 9 juni 2011

Rain, rain and rain

No much is happening today, just rain and cold weather. It has been 18-19 deg C so no watering today. The first flower of the small delicata is starting to open. Some new pictures of "old" flowers below. Enjoy!
Vanda coerulea f. delicata

Ascocentrum curvifolium f. luteum

Ascocentrum curvifolium

Rhynchostylis coelestis f. alba

Vanda Tristar Blue

Vanda Somthawil

onsdag 8 juni 2011

So many Vandas in flower

Hi all

I counted my flowering plants today and I had 25 flowering Vandas right now. I am so happy, this is a new record for me.

This is the delicata form of coerulea, I hope. I bought two seedlings a couple of years ago and now they are spiking. The buds have so much color that I am doubting if it is. Hopefully it's just a great clone! :-)
One of the plants have two spikes on its first flowering. That is good for the future.

Another one that is spiking is The normal form of Rhynchostylis coelestis. This is a big plant with four steams that I have had for a long time. This year I have given it much more light with a positive result.

The white Ascocenda Princess Mikasa is also in flower soon!

tisdag 7 juni 2011

Rhynchostylis coelestis f. alba

Today my Rhynchostylis coelestis f. alba opened its first flowers. Mmmm, like candy! The flowers are a bit smaller then the normal form.

Here is a better picture of the delicata form of Vanda coerulea.

I am waiting for Vanda bensonii, Vanda testacea, Renanthera monachica and more plants of Vanda coerulea f. delicata. I found small spikes starting to grow in my Vanda coerulea f. alba plants. I realy hope that it is the alba form!

You can find more pictures here:

söndag 5 juni 2011

Renantanda Ljunggren's Baby Doll

I made this cross in 2007. The seeds have taken a long time to mature but now the small plants are growing very well. It is a cross of Vanda cristata x Renanthera veitnamensis.

Hopefully it will produce wonderful flowers!

More Vandas in flower

Ascocentrum ampullaceum
Vanda Somthawil
Vanda Wirat
Vanda Tristar Blue

Vanda coerulea f. delicata and more

Hi all
I have decided to start blogging again.
Many exiting things are happening in the green house right now. A lot of plants in bloom and many spikes to come.

All of my Vanda coerulea f. delicata are in spike and one i flower right now. I just love the pale pink color of this one.

My two Ascocentrum curvifolium are in flower now. Both the normal form and the luteum form.