fredag 15 juni 2012

Vanda coerulea

Many of my coerulea are spiking right now. First to flower is this beautiful selected form.

söndag 3 juni 2012

New plants

Hi all!
New plants are coming in from Thailand in a week or so. Mostly Vandas but also some Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium.

The sales list:

fredag 4 maj 2012

Ascocentrum garayi and some more

Hi all

It is starting to look like Christmas in the greenhouse now. A lot of plants getting ready to spike and flower.
Here are some of the flowering plants.

Ascocentrum garayi

Ascocentrum ampullaceum

Vanda cristata

Ascocenda Motes Burning Sands

fredag 20 april 2012

Spring is coming

Hi all

The weather is getting better and better here in the south of Sweden. Some of my plants the need some extra light and cool nights has been moved out of the greenhouse and in to the conservatoire.

Here is a nice Neofinetia falcata that get more sun light.

Vanda Miss Joaquim doesn't flower without direct sunlight. 

Ascocentrum curvifolium, normal form to the left and the luteum form to the right setting multiple spikes now.

Vanda coeruleas are enjoying the brighter light and cooler nights .
This plant of Vanda testacea is spiking for the first time.

Last but not least, one of my Ascocentum garayi is now getting ready to flower with seven spikes! :-) 

fredag 13 april 2012

Ascocentrum christensonianum

My christensonianum is now in flower with tree spikes. The plants has grown well since it was taken out of the flask in 2003. It is now 6 or 7 plants and as you can see it is grown on a cork slab and sprayed daily with a mild solution of fertilizer. It has not been given high lights but I think that it would flower even better in a brighter  position.

onsdag 4 april 2012

Ester sweets

Many plants with yellow flower right now.

Renanthera citrina

Vanda tessellata f. alba

Mokara Singa Gold

fredag 30 mars 2012

Orchids from Karge/Germany

Hi all
I am now selling plants from Karge in Germany.
You can find the list here:
Or on my home page. Later on this spring I am going to be able to sell to all over Europe.

In May/June I will get about 150 beautiful Vandas for sale so Keep an eye on

söndag 25 mars 2012

Vanda Arjuna

This is a cross of Mimi Palmer and tessellata. So there is a lot of tessellata in it since Mimi Palmer also has tessellata as a direct parent.

The picture was taken with Sony Nex-5 35mm macro lens.

tisdag 13 mars 2012

Two Blues

Here are two blue favorite Vandas.

The Vanda Tristar Blue

and the Vanda Kapiolani

måndag 27 februari 2012

Vanda lamellata var. boxalli

Spring is coming soon I hope and here are some plants that are in bloom now.

Vanda lamellata var. boxalli

Vanda coerulea f. delicata

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'Tayanee White'

Vanda Chindavat x Ascocenda Betty May Steel

måndag 6 februari 2012

Ascocentrum garayi

This is a new plant that i bought last summer from Karge. It is a speciment plant with ten keikis.

Another nice small flowering plant is this cross of Ascocentrum miniatum x Vanda lilacina, me like alot! :-)

lördag 28 januari 2012

söndag 1 januari 2012