söndag 17 juli 2011

Mokara Walter Oumae

A lot of rain today and cold winds. It doesn't feel like summer at all. My Mokara Walter Oumae is soon in full flower. Here is a picture of one of the spikes. This one doesn't seem to need extra light like other Mokaras to bloom.

I hope that this Vanda Golamco's Blue Magic stays fresh until our summer meeting first week in August. It is the best one that I got.

My Ascocentrum garayi is coming with seven spikes. MMmmmmm, me like a lot!

Seed pods showing on Ascocentrum curvifolium.

2 kommentarer:

PreSam sa...

It is nice to see you can grow your vandas so well in such a challenging climate Tommy.

Tommy Ljunggren sa...

It is just the winters that are challenging. ;-)

Well it is a bit more work but I can't think of many thing that are more fun, if one likes watering.